Services Offered

My clients come to me with specific needs, so I’ve devised a menu of services. Which can I provide for you?

Setting you up for success

Choosing the right designer and builder are the two most important decisions that face a homeowner. Let me help you put together a winning team, model the best ways for all team members to get the most out of each other, and set your job up for success … more

Buy it or not?

You trust your real estate broker, but you’d like an unbiased outside opinion about the building’s pros and cons, issues and potential. My only goal is to give you my informed view, based on having looked at hundreds of houses over my 20 year career … more

Fix up or move?

Many people ask whether it makes sense—in terms of effort, expenditure, and time—to improve the house they’ve been living in for some time. I can give you realistic estimatesmore

Trouble-shooting, assessment, & prioritization

Sometimes a house has built up a long to-do list of improvements—so long, in fact, that its owners need help sorting them outmore

Crisis intervention

Sometimes jobs get off track and the parties involved have difficulty righting the ship. Call me in if your project’s not going the way you wantmore

Ongoing homeowner advocate and project supervisor

It’s said that an average job demands 15,000 decisions. In the role of advocate and supervisor, I take some of that burden off you, acting as your eyes and earsmore