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Oprah & Friends

I was interviewed by Oprah’s favorite interiors guy, Nate Berkus, on his radio show.

hear the interview calls me “the House Whisperer.”

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The New York Times

The New York Times says my services “can help save a homeowner’s sanity and wallet.”

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Design New England magazine

I am a contributing editor at Design New England, a bi-monthly magazine covering the best of the region’s architecture and landscape. Here are a few of my articles:

  • Sometimes all you want to do is get out of the weather.  New England’s warming huts are there to help. Jan/Feb 2013 see “In from the Cold”
  • One of our greatest artists got that way by living up close to his subject matter for decades. Nov/Dec 2012 see “Winslow Homer, the Studio Years”
  • Underlying New England’s tortured geography lies the ultimate building material. Sep/Oct 2012 see “Granite”
  • How did two farmboy brothers become New England’s best clockmakers? Jul/Aug 2012 see “Perfect Timing”
  • Take a seat in a piece of history. May/June 2012 see “The Enduring Windsor”
  • Perched and pointing above us, New England’s weathervanes tell more than just which way the wind blows. Mar/Apr 2012 see “Right Direction”
  • “Every man looks at his woodpile with a kind of affection.”  Makes sense. Jan/Feb 2012 see “Piled with Pride”
  • New England to the point of cliche, covered bridges present a more complicated history than you’d expect. Nov/Dec 2011 see “Covered in Contradictions”
  • We’ve been building them since we showed up–and most have them have survived to the present.  Sept/Oct 2011 see “Hold the Fort”
  • Before central air, there was a screened-in room hailed for its health benefits.  July/Aug 2011 see “Sleeping Porches”
  • What exactly were all those medieval castle knock-offs–New England’s armories–built for?  May/June 2011 see “Armed and Ready”
  • Called the “architecture of the New England summer,” the Shingle Style retains its romantic, breezy pull. Mar/Apr 2011 see “All American”
  • They’re the slumbering giants of the New England landscape, and many are coming back to life. Jan/Feb 2011 see “The Mighty Mill”
  • One of the oldest crafts schools in the country, Boston’s North Bennett Street School, celebrates 125 years of training in the hands-on tradition. Nov/Dec 2010 see “Hands-On Approach”
  • They’re architecturally distinctive, they’re huge, and they’re both a very good and a very bad idea. Either way, center chimneys are a New England icon. Sept/Oct 2010 see “Center Stage”
  • Not too long ago, New England ponds, lakes, and rivers had a major winter crop growing on them, with an architectural and transportation infrastructure to boot. Jul/Aug 2010see “When Ice Was Hot”
  • Rough-and-ready building can still yield some sweet architecture. New England’s sugarhouses do just that. Mar/Apr 2010see “Sweet Simplicity”
  • They were subject to some of the first building regulations in this country–just another indication of how important shingles have been to New England over the centuries. Jan/Feb 2010

see “Shingles, Tried and True”

  • A 1990s period piece in Boston’s suburbs gets remade for the times–quieter, more minimalist, and a perfect backdrop for great furniture and art. Sept./Oct 2009

see “A Measure of Calm”

  • New England’s independent hardware stores are not only a link to the past, but darn good places to shop and learn stuff. Sept./Oct 2009

see “Supply and Demand”

  • A new house on Cape Cod has two major things going for it: a drop-dead view of the ocean and the ability to make as much energy as it consumes. July/August 2009

see “‘The New New World”

  • The no-nonsense New England lobster boat has a design esthetic all its own, with graceful lines that that bring beauty even when hard at work. July/August 2009

see “In Praise of Lobster Boats”

  • They came from England and founded a radically different way of life here in America. The Shakers also left a rich legacy of architecture all over New England. May/June 2009

see “‘Tis the Gift to be Simple”

The Boston Golf Club in Hingham, Massachusetts, is the anti-country club, and its buildings reflect its back-to-basics (with creature comforts) philosophy. May/June 2009

see “The Anti-Country Club”


Consumer Reports

Read “Can These Cabinets Be Saved?” in the magazine’s Aug. 2010 issue.

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Read “10 Questions for Bruce Irving” on Consumer Reports’ blog.

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NECN (New England Cable News) New England Dream House

Host Jenny Johnson interviewed me on new water-saving showerheads.

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Maine Home + Design magazine

I’m now writing for Maine Home + Design, a very good monthly out of Portland. My first article, about a house designed for artist Winslow Homer, made the cover. July 2009

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Another cover article covers a beautiful Portland renovation that was a true labor of love. Oct 2009

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Diva Toolbox

Hear my interview on DivaToolbox women’s radio.

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ShopSmart magazine

Consumer Reports has launched a new magazine, ShopSmart. For the premiere issue, I wrote an article about choosing exterior paint colors for your house. Fall 2006



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